Polytron HG30/40127 D 1Ghz, 40dB, 127dBµV





Polytron HG30/40127 D 1Ghz,40dB,127dBµV

30/40 dB switchable / 127 dBµV

1 GHz home distribution amplifier with built-in return path, adjustment with dip switches

The HG 30/40127 D and HG 30/40127 DF are flexible home distribution amplifiers with a frequency range of up to 1 GHz in POLY­TRON’s best quality. With a switchable gain of 30 resp. 40 dB and the high output level of 127 dBµV the amplifiers cover a wide application field.
DIP switches allow exact and nearly interruption-free setting of the amplifier’s parameters.
The reliable power supply and the valuable housing ensure a long lifetime.

  • frequency range 4–1006 MHz
  • built-in return path
  • high output level
  • gain switchable
  • DIP switches
  • parameter setting nearly interruption-free


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