Essential Quattro 40mm LNB


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LNB 40mm Quattro
5099: Item
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:Features Main
compliant) HDTV (S2-DVB, Noise Phase Low■
Figure Noise Low■
consumption power Low■
Isolation Polarization Cross High■
stability Frequency High■
interferences 4G/terrestrial against immunity Greater■
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68 313 264 352. +Fax 1 367 264 352. +Tel l.r a.S Technologies Communication FTA
Range Frequency Input Band Low
Range Frequency Output Band Low
Frequency LO
Range Frequency Input Band High
Range Frequency Output Band High
Frequency LO
Figure Noise
Accuracy Initial LO
Drift Temperature LO
Hz 10K @ Noise Phase LO
Gain Conversion
Ripple Gain
Variation Gain
Rejection Image
(P/O (Point Compression dB 1
talk Cross
VSWR Output
level spurious Output
Power DC
Temperature Working
Impedance Output
connector Output
GHz 7.11~7.10
MHz 1950~950
GHz 75.9
GHz 75.12~7.11
MHz 2150~1100
GHz 6.10
.max 7dB.0
.max MHz 0.1+/-
.max MHz 0.3+/-
.max Hz/dBc 80-
.min dB 52
27MHz/dB 75.0+/-
dB 3+/-
.min dB 40
.min dBm 0
.min 22dB
1 : 5.2
.max dBm 55-
20V – 11. @ max 200mA
C °60~+30-
(female (type-F


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